What others had to say...

“Roger has come up with a win-win in the LogoPutter. In my 11 years on the Nationwide and PGA tours I counted on my short game to pull me through many pressure situations and that was especially true in my win at Pebble Beach and my 6 wins on the Nationwide tour, the putter was my best friend. Now in the banking and Insurance business where brand awareness is very important, Roger has come up with a putter that works on the green’s and for your business too.” – Matt Gogel, former PGA tour player and current Golf Channel announcer.

“Roger and I spent many years together broadcasting the PGA TOUR and the Senior Tour on ESPN. From the first day, I could see the passion he had for the game. When he told me that he had come out with this new product, the LogoPutter, I was not the least bit surprised. Putting was always the best part of Roger’s game and he certainly has a lot of experience in pro-am and charity golf events. What a great way to combine golf and business to create a great gift for any golf event or corporate outing.

The LogoPutter is one of the most clever and unique ideas that I have seen.” – Bruce Devlin, 9 time winner on PGA & Sr. PGA Tour.

“I play a lot of client golf and we are always trying to do something special for people we do business with. What a great way to say thanks and help somebody with their golf game at the same time.” – Bryan Norton played his college golf at Oral Roberts University and then played the European and PGA Tours before settling into a career in the Insurance business. Since then he regained his amateur standing and in 2003 was runner up in the U.S. Mid-Amateur. He is also a two time Kansas Amateur Champion.

“This is Roger’s old buddy Charlie Rymer and I’m here to tell you that during our days working together at ESPN we played a lot of golf together and I encouraged him to start playing in more Pro Am’s because his game was more suited for a scramble. For a big fella he couldn’t hit it from here to there but he sure could putt. He also liked getting the free stuff they handed out at those events.

So next thing you know he develops the LogoPutter, which looks great and performs even better. It would make the perfect gift for your next Pro Am or corporate outing. I’m ordering one and putting my picture in there and then giving it to Rog so he won’t forget who inspired him to come up with this great idea.” – Charlie Rymer, former PGA tour player and current Golf Channel analyst.

We host an annual Transportation Team Golf Tourney here at Michigan and in looking for a unique gift and one that related to golf, we thought the LogoPutter was a great idea. Feedback from our guests who received them has been great. - Hunter Lochmann, Assistant Athletic Director, University of Michigan.

Roger, I wanted to let you know that the putters have been a huge hit. Our donors, coaches and team store love them!! I will be making an additional order - we will be on our third round of orders. I appreciate the great customer service and let me know if you have any new products. Terry Mohajir, Director of Athletics, Arkansas State University