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Roger Twibell

As a professional golf announcer I’ve played in many pro-am golf events. At one tournament, I received a putter that had our names engraved on the bottom and the corporations sponsoring the event on the top of the club. It was a very nice gesture but it was still destined for that corner of my office where similar unusable gifts landed. It just wasn’t of the quality that I could use on the course.

I got to thinking that there must be a way to make a putter that would represent a brand, be cost effective and still be functional on the golf course. Whether for a business, team affiliation, or a pro-am, we’ve designed a putter that gets your message across AND rolls the ball as well as any putter on the market.

We can customize a putter to best reflect your organization, school, company or event using your choice of graphics or photography and the best part is, you can improve your game on any course in the world.

The LogoPutter™ is a Revolutionary golf club with these amazing features:

  • High Moment of Inertia (MOI) design for stability on off-center impacts.
  • Tri-matrix construction of aluminum, stainless steel and polycarbonate for soft feel and sound.
  • Face-balanced design for a square setup through the ball’s impact zone.
  • Constant taper shaft design for superior feedback.
  • Easy alignment visual aid (when using the appropriate logo insert).
  • “Cross-Groove” face design minimizes backspin to the ball by creating a more immediate over-spin sooner in the ball’s roll.
  • Cross-Groove technology results in a ball roll that is more uniform in its speed and stability of the spin when tested against a traditional flat face.
  • Utilize any graphics or photography for a completely custom presentation of your organization, school, company or event.
  • Multiple product images incorporated on the same putter.
  • Putter head and grip can be customized with logo or image.

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